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International Close Protection Services

International Close Protection Services (ICPS) Bodyguard Services International (BSI) is a unique UK office and now with a proposed corporation in the US and Thailand providing a wide range of very specialized security & protection services on an emergency, standby or contract basis. We are a newly formed group of companies specialising in international security and counter terrorism role. Each of our member companies has been established between eight to ten years, and has been picked for their considerable expertise and experience in their specialised roles.

Establishing the group in this way has enabled us to bring together the correctly motivated personnel with the relevant experience and know how and create the right kind of logistics and support infrastructure for the group to successfully contend in the World market. These were the first points to be addressed when forming the group was to bring that expertise and experience to the forefront of the World market, for it is our clients, the customers, on whom we ultimately depend. In short we can create an atmosphere where business can thrive and prosper.

Structuring the company in this way has meant that we have managed to achieve the best of both worlds. While on one hand a certain amount of standardisation was implemented in the areas of documentation, training, and logistical support to maximise efficiency, whilst on the other hand each member company within the group has the freedom to work within and develop it's own area of expertise in line with it's assigned specialist tasks based on it's own specialist field (close protection, hostage release, military, intelligence etc). In this way, each member company has the freedom and independence to research and develop it's own specialist field while at the same time being part of a strong cohesive unit.

This has led us to achieve maximum efficiency and thereby give our clients the best possible service we can provide with real value for money. One lesson the company has learnt from the Japanese was the philosophy of Kaisen, the spirit of continual improvement which we have adopted as one of our policies and is reflected in every thing the company does. This in itself drives us on to continually strive to improve our training, our services, our efficiency, and value for money for our clients.

As a group we are forging links with two other companies, one in North America and the other in Thailand. The aim of this strategic move is to form an associate relationship with the companies, with the view to extending our base of operations, and benefit from the advantages of having an associate office within the countries.

We operate on a global capacity and can respond to a pending or immediate crisis situation with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any situation. In the past there has been an increase in terrorist and criminal activities especially bombings, kidnapping, murders and extortion against companies or employees working or expanding within these unstable countries. These countries have been forced to become accustomed to this volatile environment due to a progressive increase of cultural or political indifference.
INTERNATIONAL CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES, is a consortium with expertise covering all aspects of:

Corporate security.
Executive close protection.
Oil, gas & Maritime security.
Risk assessment and contingency planning.
International child negotiations and support.
Specialist training.
Courier Services.
Technical surveillance counter measures.
Asset and fugitive recovery.
High-risk security.

ICPS, was established and developed by former Elite British Military personnel and operates World-wide, this is achieved by appointing a consortium of individuals and companies to various countries from the UK, USA, to the Far East, each individual is conversant with the geography, climate, culture and political structure.

INTERNATIONAL CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES has a very professional and dedicated security management team, providing global proactive advice 24 hours a day. And distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional agents, drawn from various government and Special Forces. These agents have a wealth of exceptional military and commercial operational experience worldwide and are renowned for dealing with high-risk situations and complex operations.

Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning
By assessing the risks and threats to or your company, whether it is expanding overseas to hostile areas, personal security of executives or conducting internal security tests. ICPS will identify and assess coercive threats, implement proactive measures in order to negate a possible situation, adopting a series of logical phases to ensure smooth continuity of business is maintained.

Corporate Security
Organized crime is one of the many threats to the modern economy. The organizations, structure and operations of these criminal fraternity's makes policing and investigations a costly and time consuming task. Most law enforcement agencies only look at serious cases, which will offer a confirmed prosecution. ICPS aims to ensure that all security measures undertaken are unobtrusive and kept to the required minimum, therefore maintaining a low profile and creating little disruption to the company.

Executive Close Protection
For the corporate business and private individuals there is an increasing threat from terrorist, criminals, racists and the mentally unstable. For reasons such as kidnap, assassination, blackmail industrial and corporate extortion and publicity, thus the need for our services are paramount.
We will respond with personnel trained to react quickly and appropriately in any given situation. Not only is the VIP or client at risk, so are their families, friends and colleagues. Potential organizations or individuals will search for a weak point if the main target is well protected, or look for a softer target on which to place the pressure.

Oil, Gas & Maritime Security
The production of Oil and Gas is a major logistical operation from locating and investigating new sites to the movement and implementation of camps. It takes an enormous amount of resources to implement such sites and in the past many companies have relied on a sound cloak of security to prevent theft of equipment, extortion, sabotage and kidnapping of work force executives.
We understand the process of this industry and have enforced major security measures to aid in a successful smooth operation. The services provided could be joint or independent depending on the threat faced. We utilize a co-operative security force, which generates not only good local relations but also enables a cost-effective answer to the needs of the contracting client.
Services we provide to this industry are as follows:

Vulnerability & assessment study of area.
Scientific, executive advance escort protection.
Pre-camp armed static security.
Intelligence and disaster planning.
Remote electronic security system and access control.
Transportation armed security (Rail, air & sea)
Emergency response teams.
Executive and employees travel protection
Dedicated on site security teams.

The information on this page is copyright 2001 icps if you use this information or pictures without permission we will take legal action