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International Child & Adult Recovery

We have participated in multiple personal recoveries. We are genuinely interested in the health, well-being and welfare of persons in need of recovery. We understand that these cases are sensitive and emotionally charged for all involved.

Operating globally, I.C.P.S.. responds to a pending or immediate crisis incident with the expertise and resources necessary to resolve any child abduction situation.

I.C.P.S. personnel are selectively recruited from various elite military, intelligence, law enforcement and medical agencies from around the globe with expertise in there own specific fields. Such experience is not readily available elsewhere in the private and commercial sector.


Child & Adult Recovery and Negotiations
Successful child recovery relies not only upon an understanding of relevant laws and regulations where a child has been taken to, but also a good working knowledge of the country where the recovery will take place. In addition, an understanding of the psychological and emotional trauma placed on the child and parent must be considered.

I.C.P.S. provides international specialist teams and advisors to recover abducted children in accordance with legal authorities and the Hague Convention (if the treaty exists in the particular country).

I.C.P.S. has an exhaustive international network with full air support capabilities, emergency air ambulance, global legal teams and professional personnel with a wealth of knowledge pertaining to high-risk situations.

In the US alone the Department of Justice reports 354,100 children were abducted by a family member during a one year period of time; and Europe-wide, the numbers of children abducted each week and/or wrongfully retained in other countries, continues to rise.

International child abduction cases are amongst the most complicated and frustrating of parental abductions. With every country operating its own judicial systems and laws, (where no treaties or conventions exist), original custody and/or restraining orders may not be recognized where the child has been abducted to. Judicial cooperation between states and countries can be highly contentious, and sadly, in countries where no treaties or conventions exist, the issue of child abduction is a prime example of the limitations in international cooperation.

As non-custodial parent and family child abduction continues to increase, emphasis and pressure is placed upon the Hague convention and international treaties between countries.

I.C.P.S. provides specialist international teams and advisors to help recover abducted children in accordance with legal authorities, Hague convention and international treaties if they exist in that particular country. Using attorneys and investigators who are accustomed to dealing with abducted children and cases of this nature, I.C.P.S. prides itself on its competent, professional and sympathetic approach when placing both the child and it's victim parents best interests at heart.

This informal interview conducted by representatives of I.C.P.S. will be based on certain criteria and guide lines which must be met:

The victim-parent must have certified sole legal and physical custody
The child should not be over the age of 10 years old
The victim-parent must agree to personal background investigations
The victim-parent must detail the abduction and details leading to
The victim-parent must agree to accompany the team or individuals on
the recovery case
The victim-parent must agree to sign a non disclosure agreement &
The victim-parent must exhaust all legal measures prior to contact
with I.C.P.S.
Certified copies of all court and custody orders
Certified copies of police, agency warrants and notification of case numbers
Companies that have been contracted and what measures were already done
Complete forms of initial investigative and legal documentation provided by I.C.P.S.
References of character of both parents

I.C.P.S. will guide clients throughout the process and advise on what options are available. This initial phase is crucial in determining what are the best interests of the child or children.
This gathers all the necessary information & will be based on:

Child location
Agency liaison locally and in the country of negotiations
Litigation and legal preparation to support such negotiations
Geography, climate and social structure of the country of recovery
Liaison with local organizations and law enforcement
The threat, direct and indirect to the team or individuals involved
Past situations and operations conducted
Child or children's routines and lifestyle investigation
Methods of entry and exit of the country intended
This will be formulated and given to the client:

The recovery feasibility
The general operation and risks involved
The cost and list of specific requirements needed
This service requires logistical planning and it is therefore essential that all legal steps to recover the child locally have been exhausted by the client.

I.C.P.S.. is committed to providing a professional and quality service, achieved by innovative and dynamic approaches, through the cross-fertilization of a wide range of resources and technical support.

I.C.P.S. capabilities in conducting individual and joint operations with associated professional organizations, ensures that all the client requirements, safety and emotional needs are met.

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