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will provide you with the most complete risk management you will find anywhere in the world.

International Specialist Security & Consulting Services

ICPS & BSI are former UK company's and established corporation in the US providing a wide range of very specialized intelligence gathering, risk assessment and high-risk security related solutions. As a result of our success and practical approach, we have built a reputation as a provider of unique protection management and security services. Operating globally many multinational corporations rely on us to help safeguard their assets and major investments.

Business & Investments in developing countries and areas of political instability

ICPS & BSI offers

- Effective protection & security management
- Pro-active security solutions
- Highly experienced personnel
- Regional experience and good working knowledge
- Interface and liaison with local authorities
- Excellent public relations
- Long term sustainability

Geopolitical and Risk Assessment Procedures

Before considering any activity in new areas, regions or countries you need up to date information which is accurate and relevant to the clients interests, preventing unforeseen pitfalls. We provide very detailed surveys and risk assessments, which give a clear overall picture. Also providing specific reports that analyze risks involved with the given location.

Sources of information are always cross-referenced to ensure accuracy, utilizing local operational knowledge, which is essential in verifying and analyzing information.

Security Management

Effective management is a key factor in successfully maintaining any security measures. By appointing the right personnel we can manage the requirements and needs much easier, removing the clients day to day involvement and oversee.

ICPS & BSI has a professional and dedicated security management team, providing global pro-active advice 24 hours a day. This management ensures verification of the clients requirements. This is achieved by evaluating and fine tuning the security measures when necessary to provide a total quality service.

Advanced Security Surveys

Assessing any possible threats to the clients business or investments, we can advise how to defeat or greatly reduce any future problems. Using the most effective manner whilst providing the safest environment for the clients and personnel to operate.

A risk assessment should be carried out in the area where there may be political or social unrest, thus allowing the appropriate security measures and evacuation procedures to be implemented prior to any deterioration of any situation.

When financing projects with other business partners, especially in new or remote areas, an assessment should be carried out so your partners know exactly what security measures they should implement. This will protect your investments and business.

Recruitment of Personnel

ICPS & BSI distinguishes itself by recruiting highly motivated and professional agents, drawn from various governments and special forces. These agents have a wealth of exceptional military and commercial operational experience worldwide and are renowned for dealing with high risk situations and complex operations.

Each agent is placed according to the security management requirements, backed by the latest cutting edge technology and resources providing a comprehensive service as an individual or team.

ICPS & BSI will also provide highly experienced teams to recruit and train local security forces in protective measures. The recruitment of locals is advisable in any environmental project, and gaining the confidence of the local population. Education is important ensuring the well being of the local workforce and reduce any risk of incident in overseas operations.

Crisis Management & Contingency Planning

Business operating in high risk environments are well aware of the potential threats posed to them and there workforce. Situations may occur when benefits of operating in such areas are treatened by hostile operating conditions. The business may feel they have to close down operations temporarily or even permanently. We can assist by planning well organized contingencies to cover all types of evacuation being either medical or complete withdrawal.

Provide a 24 hour Crisis Management Centre Advisor (CMCA), who will advise on matters from bomb threats, internal and external security problems to kidnap and extortion threats.

Public Relations

It has been proven on numerous occasions that bad PR can undo much hard work and even destroy a corporate image. This in turn may require substantial expenditure of time and money to re-establish, if this can be achieved. PR should never be neglected or after massive investment you could fall foul of public opinion.

This has occurred frequently in recent times especially concerning environmental issues.
Oil, Gas and Mineral Industry

The production of Oil, Gas or Mineral is a major logistical operation from locating and investigating new sites to the movement and implementation of camps. It takes an enormous amount of resources to implement such sites and in the past many companies have relied on a sound cloak of security to prevent theft of equipment, extortion, sabotage and kidnapping of work force or executives.

We at ICPS & BSI understand the process of this industry and have enforced major security measures to aid in a successful smooth operation. The services provided can be joint or independent depending on the threat faced. We utilize a cooperative security force, which generates not only good local relations but also enables a cost-effective answer to the needs of the contracting client.

Services we provide to this industry are as follows:

- Vulnerability & Assessment study of area.
- Scientific, Executive advance escort protection.
- Pre camp armed static security.
- Intelligence and Disaster planning.
- Remote electronic security systems and Access control.
- Transportation armed security ( Rail, Air & Sea )
- Emergency response teams.
- On site relations and Security manager.
- Executive & employee travel protection.
- Dedicated armed site security teams.

Our clients business and investments will be faced with a variety of problems covering the whole security procedures and installation measures.

- Poorly placed and experienced key management personnel
- Disruption by badly controlled local security forces
- Low workforce moral
- Sabotage, damage or injury by fractions hostile to the clients activity
- Sudden and unexpected political issues
- Poorly managed logistics, administration and service support

Key Management & Security Personnel

UK Personnel Special Air Service, Special Boat Service, Royal Marine Commando's, Parachute Regiment, Military Intelligence, Explosive Ordinance Division, Royal Air force, Military Police.

USA Personnel US Army Delta Force, Navy Seals, US Marines, Military Intelligence, SWAT & Police, Air Force & Navy, Explosive Ordinance Division.

Overseas Personnel Military, Special Task Force, Hostage Rescue & Evacuation Units, SWAT & Police, 1500 Ghurka guards.

Initial Procedures

Set up 24 hrs, Crisis Management Center for intelligence, operational assistance, medical support and contingency plans for every eventuality concerning the given area of operations.

Security advance team moves to location area with client or business and assess/ evaluate. Provide protection for the client's safe travel and stay in country.

Public relations and liaison personnel start working with regional and local authorities, regulations and laws needed to be covered, permits any licenses including weapons and ammunition.

Security management and security training team move to location put into place initial management and security related procedures. Recruit local security and work forces, provide the training required to enhance their capabilities and increase their confidence of working in areas of potential risk.

Explosive Ordinance Division to sweep the areas involved and train the local workforce in mine clearance techniques to aid the operational task.

Location security measures and area patrols implemented, set up of physical deterrents such as - fences, gates, dogs, lighting, housing, canteens and strong holding areas.

Management and supervisory personnel placed in position to manage and control the security and work forces. Logistics and administration services and support put into effect, global communications established and secured.

Transportation and support for the area including, various types of vehicles, full air support - aircraft and hello. If needed outside medical air support and a safe near medical facility, with accident & emergency capabilities 24 hrs.

Secure and prepare landing sites, all routes to and from, set up armed patrols, armed installation security with 24 hr manned check points, emergency response teams on rotation 24 hrs standby.

Surveillance team and individuals structured for long and short-range reconnaissance, on any guerrilla, terrorist, paramilitary, rebel organizations or groups.

Organize the rotation of management, supervisors, security personnel and forces, transportation needs for transit of personnel to and from the installation if needed.

Organize the schedule and system of payments to the management, security forces, and the time scale involved - weekly, monthly. How the personnel get paid, bank accounts, cash and in which currency, local or dollars.

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If you want to contact us, we prefer e-mail. This gives us a hard copy of the communication. We get hundreds of e-mails, but they are easier to handle than the number of telephone calls we receive. Please consider: many of the e-mails we receive are almost anonymous. This is not intentional on the part of the sender. If you want an answer include your name and locale.


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