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International Close Protection Services

Kidnap And Ransom Consultants

As worldwide kidnappings reached a record level last year, more companies and individuals that travel to kidnap hotspots are seeking professional protection or protection training

Last year there were 1700 reported cases of kidnapping for ransom, up from about 500 cases seven years ago. Over 90 percent of those incidents took place in ten countries.

Colombia has the highest kidnapping rate in the world, with nearly 4,000 cases in 2000.

Although the overall numbers are still low in the UK, there was a 500% increase in London alone last year.

We can supply consultants anywhere in the world to help resolve incidents and aid in negotiations

It has shown that we can not only save lives but save enormous amounts of trauma for the families and people involved.

Latin America,Colombia,Iraq and Mexico, present the greatest risk. But other areas like the former Soviet Union and the Philippines are proving similarly dangerous.

In the unfortunate event that a member of your family or employee is kidnapped International Close Protection Services can provide advisors and negotiators who are trained to work along side Insurance company's, Police, Government agencies and Embassy's to facilitate a safe conclusion to any crisis.

In addition to the advisors and negotiators ICPS have to hand highly trained Special Response Teams and Anti Terrorism units on a permanent 24 hour stand by basis to aid in any recovery.

International Close Protection Services can teach people skills such as self protection and hostage survival.

We can go a long way to making the victim aware but also to harden them as a target,and even teach them how they should behave in captivity.
Please visit our Travel Warning page to give you some idea of what you may be walking in to when you visit other country's


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