International Close Protection Services


Maritime Security

Child And Adult Recovery

Oil Gas and Pipeline

Gold And Diamond Mines

Crisis Management

Electronic Counter Measures

Counter Terrorism

Special Operations

Kidnap and Ransom

Travel Warnings



Photo Page

Links Page

Protection of strategic Installations

Facility Characterization and Site Security Survey
Guardroom and Vehicle Check Point Procedures
Management of Static and Mobile Security Patrols
Lighting (Internal and External)
Access Controls, Access levels, Alarm Systems, Card Encoding Systems
Close Circuit TV Camera Technology, Infrared and Night Viewing Aids
Use of Pressure, Movement, Motion, Heat Sensors
Zoning Procedures
Overhead Intrusion (air)
Waterborne Intrusion (sea, river)
Awareness of Overlooking Advantage Points (Observation Posts)
Intrusion Rapid Response Procedures - Quick Reaction Force and reinforcements
Points of Infiltration and Exfiltration
Closed Net Radio Communications
Media Intrusion Response
Emergency Medical Evacuation (of Site Personnel) Procedures
Fire Protection and Fire Evacuation Drills
Use of Intelligence Threat Assessments
Operational Security (OPSEC), Communication Security (COMSEC), and Information Security (INFOSEC)

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